Tips & Strategies To Successful Automotive Sales

I am amazed at how many automotive salespeople earn an average or below average income in one of the highest paid professions. A big problem I notice is their attitude. The average salesperson has so much negativity that they feed that on to their customers when they are selling. Your customers can sense negativity.At the same time, your customers can feel a positive vibe as well. And that is exactly what you need to feed on to your customers when you are in the process of selling a vehicle. But what is more alarming is that most dealership does very little to motivate the salesperson.If you are an average salesperson, I want you to ask yourself one question. How many hours in a full work day do you really work? Most of you will say, –Well I get in at around 9 in the morning and I leave at about 8 at night. So that is about 11 hours.–Now I know it may look as if you are really working 11 hours (or something similar), but ordering lunch, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and hanging out in the huddle with other non-productive salespeople does not count as working. Now if you redo the math, chances are you only work about an hour or two at the most a day.Now, you can always look at this as a numbers game. If you only sell about 10 vehicles a month working only an hour or two, then you would need to work about four hours a day to sell 20 vehicles. Playing the numbers game is okay, but true superstars in the car business play the numbers game as well as mastering selling techniques to increase their income.By the way, if you want a free e-book entitled –Discover 50 Automotive Sales Techniques to blast you income through the roof– then go to It is one of the few places that you can find proven, no B.S true automotive sales tips and strategies.I just want you to realize that if you put more productivity in your selling career, I guarantee you success. So stop letting negativity ware you down. Every one has problems. But when you come to work leave your problems outside at the curb. If you want, when you are done working, you can just pick up all your problems from the curb and take them home. Because I am sure no one else will pick them up.I wish you a ton of success and have a great selling day,Your automotive sales mentor,Mak

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